Fangirl Moment: Matthysse vs. Provodnikov

I found out about this fight when I was in the bath tub. Seriously.

The glorious day that this fight was announced was also ungodly cold. (But to keep this in perspective, I live in South Texas. So “ungodly cold” to me was really probably, like, 30-40 degrees). ¬†Even though I live in the Western world and have central air and heating, I have this habit of taking really, really hot baths at the end of the day when it’s cold outside ¬†(I promise, this is going somewhere) and catching up on Facebook nonsense on my phone. This combination, I’ve learned, is not always an optimal one for discovering new or particularly exciting info. Although I’ve yet to actually drop my phone in the tub (I’m sure that day is coming), the only other options are to make an excited face that no one else will see, scream (this is bad-we’ve all seen “Psycho.” Nothing good can come from screaming in the bathroom), or text the information to someone, which is lackluster at best. I went with a healthy combo of the second and fourth options, followed by running down the stairs yelling the news to my husband (clothed, I’m not a heathen).


Where it all went down. (Not in an R. Kelly kind of way.) And zoom in at your own risk-I didn’t clean it before taking the picture.

Suffice it to say this fight is a big deal, and not only because it has “Fight of the Year” written all over it. Yes, this bout promises to be an all out war, with two of boxing’s strongest and most exciting figures slugging it out mercilessly. But it’s also proof of what most fans already know-that boxing is in no way dead. And that it sure as hell isn’t going anywhere anytime fast. (Especially not to make way for a sport that attracts the bedazzled, rhinestone Affliction t-shirt wearing masses. But I’m not naming any names). This is the fight that everyone wants to see (alongside May/Pac, of course), and they made it happen. And to be honest, no one had to. It wasn’t a mandatory fight, and even if these guys were “just” looking for a payday they could have looked at easier, less scary opponents. (So Matthysse isn’t *too* scary looking. But Provo? C’mon. The guy is like a shark. If you look at his eyes there’s nothing but a blank, calculated stare. And this is just during interviews).

Truly, this is a fight worth celebrating. And in honor of that, I’m going to make a (most likely wrong) prediction. I see Matthysse taking the W on this one, but I also don’t see Provodnikov getting KO’d that easily, or at all. Matthysse is an enormously strong guy, but Provo can take a punch like no other, and he’s not afraid to, either.

In closing, I’ll offer y’all a (butchered) quote from Timothy Bradley after his battle with Provodnikov. “Years of boxing and I never pissed blood. I pissed blood after that fight.”

This is like Christmas Eve, y’all. Enjoy it.


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